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Building the People's World Movement for Mother EarthA Universal Revolutionary Declaration Largely Guided & Formulated by the Indigenous Peoples of the World. Learn About the People's Agreement and embrace the Knowledge.


“It is imperative that we forge a new system that restores harmony with nature and among human beings. And in order for there to be balance with nature, there must first be equity among human beings. We propose to the peoples of the world the recovery, revalorization, and strengthening of the knowledge, wisdom, and ancestral practices of Indigenous Peoples, which are affirmed in the thought and practices of “Living Well,” recognizing Mother Earth as a living being with which we have an indivisible, interdependent, complementary and spiritual relationship.”

The Indigenous Decolonial Concept of “Buen Vivir” in Latin America

“…[T]he culture in which we are submerged is utterly devoid of buen vivir. We are in complete disequilibrium with ourselves and with nature when we buy more than we actually need; when, without remorse, we exploit the land, water and even other human beings themselves; when we search for exorbitant profits which, the majority of the time, only benefit one person or a very small group of people.”

NO TO REDD | An Alternative: Bolivia’s Joint Mitigation and Adaptation Mechanism Proposal

The State of Bolivia’s “Proposal for the Development of the Joint Mitigation and Adaptation Mechanism for the Integral and Sustainable Management of Forests” was presented to the UNFCCC in August of 2012. The proposal aims to: “to advance effectively in mitigation and adaptation to climate change through integrated management and the sustainable use of forest and the systems of life of Mother Earth, promoting the conservation and restoration of the life systems, the management, conservation and protection of biodiversity, facilitating the transition to more optimal uses of land through the development of more sustainable productive systems in order to reduce deforestation and forestry degradation.”

Proposal for a Law of Mother Earth by the Plurinational State of Bolivia [48 page PDF]

“Mother Earth has the right to exist, continue life cycles and be free from human alteration, the right to pure water and clean air, the right to equilibrium, the right not to be polluted or have cellular structures modified and the right not to be affected by development that could impact the balance of ecosystems.”

Exposición del Presidente Evo Morales ante la reunión de Jefes de Estado de la Comunidad Europea (06/30/2013)

“Con lenguaje simple, que era trasmitido en traducción simultánea a más de un centenar de Jefes de Estado y dignatarios de la Comunidad Europea, el Presidente Evo Morales logró inquietar a su audiencia cuando dijo:”

Evo Morales Ayma: I, Too, Can Demand Repayment

“With simple words, simultaneously translated, President Morales spoke to more than one hundred Heads of State and dignitaries of the European Community of what europe and the european world owes to Indo-America in terms of blood and resources. At a time when the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is making moves to challenge three european powers (the u.k., france and the netherlands) for reparations for Afrikan slavery, this is a powerful statement.”

Endorsers of The Declaration